The ASP Palm Defender OC Pepper Spray Review

by admin on July 9, 2012

If you know me, or have read some of my other articles, I don’t usually recommend self-defense gadgets. I believe that if the device isn’t actually in your hand at the moment of attack, you’ll never get the chance to use it…

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However, I’ve found one that may solve that problem. The ASP Palm Defender OC Pepper Spray canister is small and light-weight enough to attach directly to your key ring, and it can be comfortably held in the palm of the hand; making it your perfect companion, or should I say sort of a guardian angel.

It doesn’t matter whether you work the night shift, or if you’re just coming home late from a night on the town, it’s natural to have some fear of the dark, not because of the darkness itself, but what may be hidden in it. Criminals use the darkness to their advantage. But, with the ASP Palm Defender OC Pepper Spray, you’ll have an advantage they’re not expecting. Oh yes, there’s no sweeter victory than the element of surprise. And what a surprise they’ll get!

For such a small device, I was amazed at the distance covered by the spray. It provides effective defense while keeping a safe distance away from any goons, allowing you plenty of room to make your escape. A single charge lasts for a staggering twelve seconds, which is more than enough to blast even multiple attackers.

I haven’t heard of any one who’s ever accidentally sprayed him/herself. The mechanism employed in actuating the gadget is safe while at the same time remains easy to use. I’m also astonished by the fact that this thing will stay effective for the next three years. And if you use it, or even if it’s not used by the three-year expiration date, it is easily refillable!

The packaging is another captivating feature. The aluminum packaging makes it extremely durable, as it should be. I would expect accidental dropping, as we all drop our key from time to time. And something that you will handle every day, and for many years to come, needs to be made to last.

Remember, the ASP Palm Defender OC Pepper Spray device is not an illegal gadget; simply put, it is one of the weapons used by the law enforcers. What exhilarates me is the fact that it is easy to hide the device among your keys, and for those who like holding things in their hand just for the soothing confidence it brings, then this gadget will double as a “security blanket” as well as a weapon.

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